Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District

Fire Trucks and Ambulance vehicles are large. The vehicles are necessary in that they carry the personnel and the equipment for our EMS and firefighting personnel to do their job. In the case of the ambulance, the vehicle provides the means to transport sick and injured citizens.  In nearly all cases, the ability to position these vehicles is very important.

Fire trucks and ambulances require about a 12 foot high and a 12 foot wide path for access to your property.  Please keep these clearances in mind as you maintain trees and vegetation on your property.

The size of ambulances and fire trucks also dictates the turning radius required.  Trees, vegetation, gates and gate posts must be carefully positioned and maintained to insure the necessary clearance for emergency access to your property. 

We have observed an increased use of gates to control access to properties in our district.  Emergency access through such gates can be managed in a number of ways.  Please contact us at 561-7926 to discuss the options.

If you have any questions about these issues or clearances required, contact the Indian Hill Fire Station at 561-7926