Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District

Promotional Opportunity:

Captain, Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District

The process of application and testing for an opening for the above position shall begin on September 26, 2017.

Interested / Qualified candidates shall be guided by the information below:

Position Eligibility 2017: Captain

The successful candidate for promotion to or employment by the JFD to Captain of the Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District shall have a minimum of 5 years working as a full-time Fire Officer/ Firefighter-paramedic.   During this time the candidate shall have demonstrated exceptional performance in emergency responses of all types, training situations, inspection and public education activities, reporting related to these activities and in other activities in and around a fire station that prepares a department for its mission. 

The candidate shall have demonstrated desire and ability for additional responsibility in a fire department by obtaining training and education, especially toward or obtaining a college degree in a related field, prior to promotion or shall have otherwise obtained knowledge, skills and abilities that prepare him/her for the responsibilities of a promoted position, a Supervising / Managing Fire Office, as outlined in the IAFC Officer Development Guide.

Candidates shall have obtained and shall maintain certification and proficiency as a paramedic, a fire inspector and as an adult education instructor in a pertinent field, so as to enable their function across the spectrum of the department mission.

The candidate shall have demonstrated administrative capability and experience through participation in budgeting process of a fire department, personnel scheduling  and management, including collective bargaining, investigation and discipline and preparation of reports that address such issues and activities.

The candidate shall have demonstrated a sustained effort to contribute to the success of a fire department through special projects, program participation, cooperation with direction, engagement in  the work environment in a positive manner and shall have otherwise used knowledge, skills and abilities to advance the department.

Captains shall be willing and able to accept work assignments at times beyond a traditional schedule and shall place themselves in a position in place and time such that their timely response can reasonably be expected to direct and/or support department emergency response operations.

Captains shall be able to work in all types of weather, in hostile and dangerous environments, wearing various types of protective equipment and clothing and able to do so on any assigned day of the year.

A Job/Position Description describing in general terms the responsibility of the position has been developed and is attached to this announcement. Applicant must meet all requirements of this job description and of the JFD for all employees.

Duties of Captain  

Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District

Primary Duties / Essential Job Functions

Emergency response to threats of injury to persons and property as a working supervisor during:

  • Fire Suppression
  • EMS Interventions
  • Rescue of endangered persons from various perils
  • Environmental dangers
  • All kinds of weather, in hostile environments, wearing special protective clothing

Training Coordination and Oversight for Department:

  • Scheduling topics/instructors or instructing department drills
  • Logistical support of same
  • Monitors department compliance with mandated training
  • Recording keeping/reporting associated with training function


Personnel / Staffing Support:

  • Participate in Personnel Processes: Hiring, Scheduling, Evaluating, Promoting, Counseling / Disciplining / Terminating
  • Daily staffing maintenance and Request for Leave processing Payroll support and related record-keeping


Administer department Inspection effort:

  • Insure routine commercial and industrial inspections
  • Coordinate/ conduct underground tank inspections and code compliance
  • Logistical support of District inspection programs
  • Monitor effort and quality of inspection program
  • Recording keeping/reporting associated with code enforcement

Station supervision of operations and facility management and maintenance and coordination of effort and resources between stations of the JFD

Contribute to Department Success:

  • Cooperation with Chief of Department
  • Support of Peer and subordinate Officers
  • Ensure all members enthusiastically direct efforts to success

Secondary Duties in Support of Primary Duties


  • Frequently a working supervisor, the tasks and physical demands of those positions below the rank of Captain in the Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District often apply to the Captain
  • Command and/or command support of emergency operations
  • Conduct analysis and prepare reports to monitor and provide quality assurance in areas of primary responsibility
  • Maintain Driver’s License and certifications in place at time of appointment
  • Maintain confidentiality of information acquired during professional practice

Direct the operation of the Department Management Information System:

  • Maintain hardware and software to insure mandated recordkeeping
  • Insure backup of records and their restoration following disaster
  • Report department activity to State of Ohio
  • Prepare reports for analysis of data/activity


Coordinates department Fire Origin and Cause determination

Coordinate and Conduct juvenile firesetter interventions and education


Other Support Activities that are required:


  • Operate software that supports primary and secondary duties: word processing, spreadsheet, presentation
  • Train department members to comply with performance expectations as they relate to primary duties
  • Effective internal and external communication

Miscellaneous Duties that may be performed from Time to Time:

  • Provide “back-up” coverage for duties of Chief of Department and/o rother Department Captain
  • Provide public education and injury prevention activities
  • Other Duties as assigned

Captain should be willing and able to:


  • Respond to emergency situations while in an otherwise “off-duty” status
  • Willing to work overtime if needed
  • Work in all types of weather, in hostile and dangerous environments wearing various types of protective equipment and clothing
  • Work on any assigned day of the year
  • Maintain required certifications
  • Maintain a valid Driver’s License and be insurable by JFD provider

Required Knowledge, Skills, Education / Certifications:


  • Ohio Firefighter II certificate
  • Ohio Firefighting Instructor’s certificate
  • Ohio Inspector certificate
  • Ohio Paramedic certification

Desirable Knowledge, Skills, Education / Certifications:


  • Associate Degree or greater degree in Related and Applicable Area
  • National Fire Academy EFO certificate or Ohio OFE certificate
  • Ohio EMS Instructor Certificate
  • NIMS 300/ 400 level certificate and prerequisite training
  • Leadership, Organizational, Analytical, Interpersonal, Communication Skills

To Apply:


DEADLINE for receipt of all 4 components is OCTOBER 29, 2017


MIHJFD is an equal opportunity employer...